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Toho, Kinshi

Post  Kinshi on Tue Nov 18, 2008 8:52 am

Name: Toho, Kinshi

Age: Unknown...

Mortality Position: Mortal

Personality: Kinshi doesn't talk much. She mainly just sits in a quiet, secluded place, having her puppet run around and do everything for her. When approached by someone, Kinshi gets quite shy and tries to run, or be suicidal.


Class: Necromancer, Head of the Undead Army

Bio: Kinshi had grown up a cheery, shy kid that loved to play around outside. One time her older brother, who hated her, threw one of her possessions into the streets. kinshi ra into the streets to pick it up and that's when it happened. A twelve-wheeler drove and smashed into Kinshi's 6 year old body. She was brought the the hospital. In the hospital she had died for a minute, but came back to life. While she was dead she met the souls of the undead and they gave her their power. Once Kinshi had woke up the doctor told her that her legs had an inability of moving and Kinshi would never walk again. She was also found terminally ill and would probably not live very long. The doctor left and came back with a wheelchair, but when he tried to help Kinshi into it the first time, a large gash appeared in his neck and a shadow appeared next to Kinshi. for some reason Kinshi didn't feel scared at all when the shadow came in. The puppet introduced itself as Kaira and helped Kinshi to the chair. Kaira followed every command Kinshi gave her and they had grown up to be best friends. Kinshi learned to control large armies and see into the eyes of Kaira.

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