Tsunami's chracter

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Tsunami's chracter

Post  Tsunami on Wed Nov 19, 2008 2:33 am

Name: Tsunami, Rasen

Age: 17

Mortality Position: Mortal

Personality: Rasen is a justice freak that believes good will always triumph over evil, not matte what it takes. He is kind, caring, generous, but dead serious in the fight against evil. Although he believes that perhaps there are some undead that are not evil they are at least commanded by evil and therefore must be fought, however he still hopes to find an undead not evil.


Class: Light Paladin

Bio: Rasen grew up in a secular village populated by many different peoples and clans but run by his own clan which had a name but grew to call hemselves The Order of Perpetual Light. Over the vast portion of his life while taking normal studies he was raised to believe in absolute good and it's virtues and how he must join the ranks willing to give up their chances to assend to heaven in order to protect good, it's virtues and al that was innocent. He was taught to believe in a higher good, that his sacrifices were for a purpose, in honesty, integrity, fairness and generosity. Upon entering high school he was sent off to the big city to see what a corrupt place as like while studying with childen his age. After only several months there he had established himself as a force of good in the school. He became head of the punishment commitee, member of the student council, and he even formed his own branch of The Order of Perputual Light there to teach his fellow students about true virtues. Due to the immense teachings hehad recieved at home he graduated early with high honors and began roaming around to show that even a stranger can do good.


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Re: Tsunami's chracter

Post  Kinshi on Wed Nov 19, 2008 5:11 am

Accepted, would you like to be the leader of the light?

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