The Order of Perpetual Light

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The Order of Perpetual Light

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White Knight; Rasen Tsunami




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Prohpet: Highest ranking member in the Order. Is responsible for all actions taken by the Order and is the first held accountable if they slay an innocent. Must have spent many years in the front line and as a general. (500 detailed posts, all posts will be reviewed.)

Generals: Generals are the Warriors who have fought for years against evil and know many of it's secrets. They command the forces in the Order and have tremendous responsibilty as they are the first to answer to the Prophet if something goes wrong. (400 detailed posts, all posts will be reviewed.)

White Knight: Highest ranking knight and reports to the Prophet directly. Position carries tremendous weight as the White Knight is the leader on the front line. If subordinates fail an assignment then the White Knight is the one who must take the punishment as a failure in command. (Job obtained only by selection by the Prophet and since no one has earnd that position yet I'm taking it.)

Knight: Both warriors on the front line serving under the White Knight and teachers in the academy. Are responsible for the deaths of members and recruits.(100 posts, requested via PM.)

Members: Warriors of the light and the element that makes up a large portion of the numbers in the Order. May be held accountable for theiractions if made to hastily or under flawed judgement. (Open.)

Recruits: Trainees in the academy, must study and go through combat training. (Must reach 25 posts to graduate.)


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