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Forum Rules

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In order to post messages at this forum, you first need to register. You can do so by clicking the register button near the top of the screen. You may only register one user name for yourself. If you decide you want to change your user name, feel free to PM me and I'd be happy to change it for you.

Creating New Topics

Before creating new topics, please think about whether or not your topic will lead to a meaningful conversation. Be specific with your topics, and back up any opinions you have with facts.

No Spam

Spam is basically posts/threads that serve no real purpose or add nothing to a conversation. Simply put, if you don't have something interesting to say in a thread, please don't say it.

Examples of spam include:

- Topics with no purpose or clear direction
- One-word or very short posts (i.e. "yes", "no", or simply posting a smily)

No Illegal Topics

Please do not discuss illegal activities.

No Double-Posting

Double-posting occurs when your post is already the last one in a thread, and you post again. If you've forgotten to say something in the last post, please simply edit your post by clicking the edit button and making the desired changes. Double-posting is only allowed in cases where you'd like to bump your older thread to the top of the list. Please only bump your thread if it's been at least four days since the last post.

No Flaming

If you attack or ridicule another poster without backing your opinions with valid facts, you are flaming. Flaming isn't tolerated and repeat offenders will be banned.

Post in English

Members should post or replies in English!

Keep it Clean

We're not here to babysit, but in general, exceedingly foul language is frowned upon here. Please keep your posts relatively clean.

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