The Order of Perpetual Light

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The Order of Perpetual Light

Post  Tsunami on Wed Nov 19, 2008 9:01 pm

Name: The Order of Perpetual Light(original name was forgotten)

Reason: To create a leading force in the fight against evil.

Appearance: No specific physical condition but they almost always are seen wearing shiny armour that has a winged cross on the front.

Skillz: Members have an enhanced skill when using Holy energy and all have access to certain abilities. These are;

Name: Gracious Hand
Effect: User while placing their hands on a person can heal them no matter what their affinity to good or evil or whether they are living or undead.

Name: Judgement Blade
Effect: Weapon glows whit with Holy energy recieving an extra boost of power. 1.5X against good, 3X against evil.

Bio: The Order of Perpetual Light had a clan name at one point but it was forgotten a long time ago. However since the begginning they hav been a leading front in the battle against evil Not only training those born among them but those coming to recieve guidance. They have been the ones to create a place of sanctuary at any of their many alcoves for people fleeing injustice no matter what the source and have been called upon in many trials to be the judge or jury since they maintain a fair and impartial perspective in such deliberations.


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Re: The Order of Perpetual Light

Post  Kinshi on Wed Nov 19, 2008 9:12 pm


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