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Character Template

Post  Kinshi on Tue Nov 18, 2008 8:37 am

Name: (Make it formal: Last, First)

Age: (Not so necessary for the undead, but you can if you want to...)

Mortality Position: (Mortal or Immortal?)

Personality: (Has to be at least two lines... not that hard)

Appearance: (You could have a description or a picture... description has to be at least two lines)

Class: (Includes: [Light/ Dark] Paladin/ Death Knight, Priest or Cleric/ Shaman or Sorcerer, Summoner/ Necromancer, Ranger/ Death Knight(Bow), Recruit/ Skeleton, Slave/ Zombie... More classes will be available when I feel like posting them... pretty much it's: Swordsman, Castor, Creator/ Controller, Archer, Newb, Complete Utter Failure...)

Bio: (Completely Optional. You want us to know about your character, fine, but if you prefer to be mysterious, tell us the story in character)

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